Are Specialty Dentures Right for Me?

Specialty dentures offer a variety of benefits that can restore toothless smiles.

DenturesWith millions of Americans suffering from tooth loss, this condition is fairly common; however, in order to preserve the rest of your smile you must act fast in order to ensure that the rest of your teeth don’t shift and you don’t suffer from bone loss. This means considering your tooth replacement options and finding out which one is right for you. Find out about specialty dentures and how your Paoli dentist could bring back your beautiful smile.


Dentures are removable oral appliances that are designed to replace missing teeth. Dentures come in either a complete or partial set to help replace one, several or all missing teeth. If you do have some healthy natural teeth, then partial dentures are all you will need to replace your missing teeth and to prevent your remaining teeth from shifting.

What makes dentures still a popular tooth loss treatment option is that they can easily and quickly restore your ability to chew and speak while also offering a more attractive and practical price tag compared to other options. If you have missing teeth it’s time to consider replacing them with our specialty dentures that offer both a precise and comfortable fit. Your Paoli dentist can help!

We also offer implant-supported dentures to provide a level of durability and comfort that will make anyone feel confident with their new smile. We put several implants into your jawbone and then securely attach the dentures to the implants. For those who have issues with dentures slipping and moving around, they will find a level of security with implant-supported dentures that they didn’t know was possible. This is a wonderful option for those who need complete dentures, as it allows patients the freedom to eat and speak confidently without fear of moving dentures.

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