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Your Smile Design: Perfection vs. the Natural Look

We have noticed that there are two types of patients when it comes to enhancing a person's smile. One type, which we'll call the “Perfect Minded” patient, expects teeth Read More

Nine Things to Expect During Your Appointment with the Dental Hygienist

We say that we are going to have our teeth cleaned — but a lot more than simple cleaning takes place during a visit to a dental hygienist. Health HistoryYour Read More

Does Mouthwash Cure Bad Breath?

In our office, many of our patients are always asking us if over-the-counter (OTC) mouthwashes or mouthrinses are truly effective tools for curing bad breath. Unfortunately, nearly all of Read More

Television Host Nancy O'Dell Provides Advice for New Mothers

When her daughter Ashby was born in 2007, Nancy O'Dell was overjoyed; but she found the experience of pregnancy to be anxiety-provoking. O'Dell is host of the popular entertainment Read More

Viewing 49 - 52 out of 52 posts